Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Purina ONE (Smart Blend) Dog Food

Our 2 Boston Terriers LOVE Purina ONE Smart Blend
I received a 6 ounce bag and I wish I would have received a 60 pound bag
The bag I received was the Lamb and Rice formula

I looked at it and it looked great; I picked it up and the pieces seem to be chunks of tender and chunks of crunchy dog food that smelled good

This is definitely high quality dog food, and I have no doubt about that
Once I finish the bag of dog food I currently have been using, I will be buying a large bag of Purina ONE smart blend
I love my dogs and I want them to have the best and I believe this is it
If you have ever noticed most small dogs are picky eaters, and my dogs had no problem eating this
This is the fastest I have seen them eat dog food, and they cleaned their bowl of every drop

I would highly reccomend this dog food to anyone who loves their dog

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  1. awesome review girl. I love the look of the food great picks and infor.